Putin Promises Revenge Over Finland’s NATO Move

Putin Promises Revenge Over Finland's NATO Move

Putin Makes TERRIFYING Promise – Will He Follow Through?

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Prior to Russia’s initial invasion of Ukraine 11 weeks ago, one of the biggest talking points was Ukraine’s desire to join NATO. Russia didn’t want another member of the military alliance sitting on its border, but Ukraine refused to back down. Now, more countries in the region are in the process of joining up, and the Kremlin has wasted no time in expressing its displeasure over their intentions.

As reported by Newsweek, Russia’s foreign ministry issued a statement following Finland’s official news release of its intention to join NATO. Russia says it has “no choice but to respond” to the move from Helsinki, claiming Finland’s membership of the alliance would pose “threats to [Russia’s] national security.” The Kremlin claims it is considering “military-technical and other” measures to work against the Finns in this matter.

Unfortunately for the Kremlin, it’s not just Finland it needs to worry about. Experts believe Sweden is also on the verge of signing up to become part of NATO. Like Finland, Sweden has historically practiced military neutrality; entry to NATO would mark a major shift in foreign policy for both nations.

Do you think Sweden and Finland will join NATO? If they do, do you think Russia will follow through on its threats?

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