Putin Planning To Run for Re-Election in 2024

(RepublicanDaily.org) – As the world continues to deal with the repercussions of Russia’s continued attempts to forcefully occupy Ukraine – along with the war between Israel and Hamas – the world should also be prepared to deal with more years of Vladimir Putin, who is reportedly going to seek re-election next year.

Putin is expected to emerge victorious – and unopposed – as he continues to wield inordinate amounts of power and influence in Russia.

Several unnamed sources for news outlet Reuters have said that the Russian president plans to keep his iron hold on Russia at least until 2030, as he believes the country is currently navigating a “perilous” and delicate period in its history. Putin, who has the uncompromising support of the country’s armed forces, has allocated vast amounts of the country’s budget for Russia’s military defense and weapons spending.

“The decision has been made – he will run,” one of the sources told Reuters. Other sources have confirmed the reports to the news outlet, saying that preparations are already underway for Putin’s campaign towards the presidential elections in March. The Russian president has also increased his public appearances recently, which also point to the likelihood of a presidential campaign in the works.

Putin has always been expected to remain Russia’s leader for the rest of his life. The Russian autocrat is 71 years old. His candidacy is expected to be unopposed, and his victory is all but completely assured – Putin’s administration has been swift and unforgiving in its pursuit of those who would even just criticize the government, and many from the political opposition are being sued in court, imprisoned, or have met more unfortunate fates.

“Criticizing government policies is officially a punishable crime,” Vladimir Milov told CNBC. Milov, who was once part of Putin’s government but has now become part of the opposition, lives abroad for safety reasons.

“Don’t expect any normal, Western style politics. Forget it,” he told the news outlet.

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