Protestors Attempt To Storm Capitol Building, Get Arrested

( – More than 300 individuals calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip were arrested after they swarmed a Capitol building.

Members of the groups Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow occupied the rotunda at the Cannon House Office Building, which houses a number of House Committee and congressional offices. The protest was the largest since the January 6 protests at the Capitol.

The protesters have since been ticketed and released. Three resisted arrest and were charged with assault on a law enforcement officer. While the public is allowed access into parts of the Capitol, including the rotunda, holding protests are prohibited. The protested entered the area legally and were all subjected to screening and security checks. It was after passing through security that the activists brought out their signs, started shouting slogans, and clapping in unison.

Protesters said that the activity was planned in advance, with a number of participants – including several rabbis and children of survivors of the Holocaust – flying in just to take part. Activists called on the Biden administration to facilitate a cease-fire in the region instead of sending more arms and weapons to Israel.

Some officials have raised concerns that there may be elevated security threats given the situation in the Middle East, and recommend that security protocols in the Capitol be reviewed.

Meanwhile, hostilities continue in the Middle East, with Israel’s Defense Ministry and Defense Force telling residents of the city of Kiryat Shmona to evacuate their homes. Kiryat Shmona lies in the north, near the border with Lebanon. The evacuation directive was released over concerns that increased skirmishes with Hezbollah could further escalate. Hezbollah is a separate extremist armed group based largely in Lebanon and enjoys support from Iran.

Citizens of Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States have been called on by their respective governments to leave Lebanon as soon as possible.

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