Protesters Crash Biden’s Dinner as Both Sides of the Political Aisle Grow Wary of Ukraine War 

( – Code Pink, an anti-war protest group focused on ending U.S. involvement in foreign wars, crashed President Joe Biden’s dinner at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., Fox News reported.

Politicians across the bipartisan aisle have reportedly become wary of continued support of the Ukraine war effort.

The Code Pink protester shouted that she “hated to bother” the president, but “people were dying.” The protester told the president that Americans needed to “end this war” in Ukraine and stop supporting it. Code Pink tweeted that Biden could “eat in peace” when there is peace for the planet.

The protestor also reportedly asked Biden to take Cuba off the United States sanctions and state sponsors of terror list.

Following the interruption by Code Pink, President Biden made a state visit to Ukraine. Left-leaning political analysts praised the president’s diplomatic visit, saying that it was the “strongest message possible,” wrote CNN analyst Stephen Collinson.

Despite the American government’s support of the Ukraine war, political analysts have pondered whether Americans across the aisle are “growing weary” of supporting the Ukraine war effort, Voice of America reported in January. Americans interviewed by VOA stated that they were sympathetic to innocent civilians in both Ukraine and Russia, as the war has worn on.

American weariness of the conflict was polled even as the Biden administration signed a new $3 billion assistance plan, VOA reported in January. The German think tank, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, estimated that the United States sent nearly $50 billion in combined aid spanning military, humanitarian, and financial aid to Ukraine for the war effort.

Americans who were polled by VOA in January stated that they were angered by the fact that the U.S. had sent so much aid because the U.S. has no obligation to the conflict.

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