Professor May Be Canceled by Students and Colleagues

Professor May Be Cancelled by Students and Colleagues

Professor UNDER FIRE as Cancel Culture Strikes Again!

( – There is ample evidence that “cancel culture” is alive and well in society today. Campaigns against individuals, often driven by poorly informed social media commentators, can often result in those targeted losing their livelihoods. This appears to be the case for one professor at Harvard University, whose students want him removed over sexual assault allegations despite the fact that school officials dismissed the claims.

On July 26, the Harvard Graduate Students Union published an online petition demanding the cancellation of a law school class taught by 77-year-old John Comaroff. This demand is based on allegations of sexual misconduct against the professor, which have been the subject of an investigation by the school’s Title IX office. The probe found that, with the exception of one minor infraction, there was no evidence to substantiate any of the claims made against the anthropologist.

Last week, Comaroff’s attorney Ruth O’Meara Costello released a statement defending her client. It accused the petition signatories of engaging in a “horrifying attempt” to circumvent due process and punish the professor without any evidence of wrongdoing. Those who signed the petition include law students with experience in criminal defense work, as well as American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) board member Nikolas Bowie. Most of the petition supporters approached by the Washington Free Beacon declined to comment.

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