Pro DeSantis PAC Launches Counter Trump Ad

( – A political activist group that is pro-Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launched a counter-political ad to Donald Trump, CNN reported. The pro-DeSantis Super PAC called Never Back Down directly targeted former President Donald Trump, saying that Trump, who in Never Back Down’s view is a “gun grabber,” does not “deserve a second chance,” Politico reported. Reportedly, the Never Back Down group has also initiated ad spending for positive message ads on DeSantis.

At the time of this report, DeSantis had not formally announced his anticipated 2024 Presidential Election campaign. Political analysts anticipate that DeSantis will formally announce an election bid in either May or June, Politico reported.

Trump has been vocally critical of DeSantis since announcing his third presidential campaign. The Never Back Down campaign followed a video by the Make America Great Again Inc. Super PAC called “Pudding Fingers” that linked together an “anecdote” of DeSantis eating pudding with his fingers, the MAGA War Room tweeted. The video used the anecdote to make an analogy of what the Trump campaign views as DeSantis’ intention to go after Social Security and Medicare.

The Never Back Down video campaign received media criticism, with Vanity Fair writing that DeSantis had tried his hand at “out-Trumping Trump.”

Trump personally responded to the allegations the Never Back Down video made calling him a “gun grabber” on his Truth Social media platform. In his post, Trump claimed that no one elected official had been in stronger support of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, which grants citizens the right to bear arms, than himself. Trump claimed that he had the highest NRA crowd engagement and ovations, but that, in his view, DeSantis did not attend the conference because he was “afraid he would be booed.”

Trump also directly commented on DeSantis’ Social Security and Medicare agenda, saying in a Truth Social post that DeSantis had a “love affair” with Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, and Paul Ryan. Trump claimed that DeSantis had “ruined himself,” “lost his supporters,” and that MAGA would not endorse “disloyal” people.

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