Private Chats of Ron DeSantis Supporters Leaked

( – Key donors of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis exchanged “anxious” private chats over DeSantis in what was described as a “meltdown,” by Rolling Stone. One of the private chat’s participants wrote a message asking the general what the “f—” was wrong with “RD” after DeSantis followed through with his multi-state press relations tour after massive flooding occurred in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

The private chat sentiments were published following media reports that DeSantis’ allies were pressuring Florida’s state lawmakers not to pledge Trump support in the 2024 Presidential elections cycle, The New York Times reported. The DeSantis allies pleaded with Florida lawmakers after four Congress members pledged to back former President Donald Trump, who is leading polls monitoring the probability of nominee candidates for the Republican nomination in 2024.

DeSantis has come under heated criticism from his would-be rivals in the upcoming Presidential 2024 campaign. The Make America Great Again Inc. Super PAC filed an ethics complaint against DeSantis and called for him to be prosecuted for allegedly using the governor’s office to advance his political career, NBC reported in March.

Meanwhile, as ethics complaints come against DeSantis, former allies have reportedly turned on him, choosing to change alliances and switch support to Trump. Former DeSantis political consultant Susie Wiles, who reportedly was one to help DeSantis get elected as governor, is now “helping Trump to bury” DeSantis, The New York Times reported. Wiles was reportedly banished from DeSantis’ political circle. As both she and Trump helped to make DeSantis’ political career, media analysts reason they would now like “to unmake him.”

Media reports explained the context of why Wiles would want to help Trump outbid DeSantis. Wiles is the current campaign manager for the Trump 2024 presidential bid. In 2018, she was brought in to save DeSantis’ “flagging” governor election campaign bid, and earlier, in 2016, she helped to elect Trump, CNN reported. Trump severed ties with Wiles during the 2020 Presidential election campaign, Politico reported in 2019, because of suspicions from DeSantis that she was responsible for a correspondence leak. At the time of these events, though DeSantis reportedly made his desire known, others in the campaign thought this was a mistake.

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