President of Synagogue Stabbed To Death

( – Samantha Woll, the leader of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue in Detroit, Michigan, was found stabbed to death outside her home recently.

Police are still investigating the crime, but they that the initial assessment does not point to any sort of antisemitism as the motive for the murder.

Violence against Jews has been on the rise following the escalation of hostilities in the Middle East, as Israel wages a war on Palestinian Muslim extremist group Hamas. Hamas staged a bloody massacre in Israel on October 7, infiltrating the border and killing innocent civilians while armed forces rained down missiles on the southern areas of the Jewish state, leaving thousands dead and thousands more injured.

As of press time, police say that they have not identified a suspect but are currently interviewing “individuals with information” that will help move the case forward. The Detroit Police Department is also working with Michigan State Police as well as the local office of the FBI, with the latter providing “technical, forensic, and intelligence assistance.”

Woll was a beloved leader, not only in her synagogue, but also in the local community. A few weeks before her death, she joined Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan in inaugurating the synagogue after it underwent renovation. She was also involved in the campaign of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

The upscale Lafayette Park neighborhood where Woll lives is generally a quiet one, but one neighbor said that he tires were slashed the same weekend when the murder was committed. The car was located just 200 feet away from the townhouse where Woll lived.

The neighbor, who declined to give her name, said that the neighborhood was very “family friendly” and in their 30 years living there had there been any incidents like the tire slashing, much less a murder.

Police have yet to process the car or make a connection between the two incidents, but Woll was found with multiple stab wounds outside her home, with a trail of blood leading into her residence. Police believe the stabbing took place inside Woll’s home.

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