President Biden To Send Tanks to Ukraine

( – President Biden held a press conference on January 25 expressing that the U.S. would send “battle tanks” to the war effort in Ukraine, Fox News reported.

The president said that he had a “long conversation” with U.S. NATO allies on January 25. Speaking with NATO alliance leadership, Biden said that he has officially decided to send 31 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine.

NBC reported that Biden initially had resisted pressure from Germany to send the tanks, but has now agreed to send them. This move was a “major shift” that generals in the Pentagon had opposed, stating that these tanks are “difficult to operate,” and that sending the tanks may be seen as “an escalation,” against Russia.

A reporter asked Biden if Germany had forced him to “change his mind.” The President laughed and said that Germany “did not” force him to change his mind, and rather that “we want to make sure that we’re all together.” Germany has pledged to send Leopard tanks to the front, in what CNN called a “major moment in the war.”

Biden has defended sending the tanks to Ukraine saying that sending Western aid to Ukraine is “not a direct threat to Russia,” Fox News reported. Senior defense officials told Fox News that, with the collective aid of NATO members, Ukraine should expect to receive “hundreds” of tanks for the war effort.

Former State Secretary Mike Pompeo explained that the decision to send tanks to the Ukraine war front was valid. Pompeo told Fox and Friends that it was important to provide Ukraine with whatever is needed to defeat Russia, the Washington Times reported.

The former state secretary also criticized the Biden administration, saying that the administration is “not doing enough” to support the Ukrainian war effort.

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