President Biden Makes Surprise Visit to Ukraine, Discusses Continued Support of War Effort

( – Biden paid a “surprise” state visit to Kyiv on President’s Day, February 20, The New York Times reported. He touched down in the war-torn country as air sirens sounded, and held a diplomatic meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The visit came just ahead of the one-year anniversary of the Russian incursion into Ukraine, Fox News reported.

The president’s surprise trip came with “cloak-and-dagger’ moves that allowed the president to enter the war zone covertly, The Washington Post reported. Biden snuck into the country to have a “lengthy discussion” with Zelensky about continued deliveries of military craft support.

The U.S. president then gave a speech, saying that “Americans stand with you,” The New York Times reported. Left-leaning political analysts claimed that Biden’s visit to Ukraine sent the “strongest message possible,” wrote CNN analyst Stephen Collinson.

As Biden paid his visit, Russia was warned of his presence in Ukraine, Fox News reported.

Joe Biden made his diplomatic visit even as the American people, on a bipartisan level, have become wary of the war effort, and of the United States sending military, humanitarian, and financial aid to the effort.

Political analysts reason that Biden has made the Ukraine conflict an “increasingly direct” conflict with Putin, The New York Times reported.

Yet, despite the deliberate messaging to Biden, political analysts state that Biden’s visit will have “zero impact” on the Russian-Ukraine conflict, Fox News reported. The Russia expert and former DIA Intelligence officer Rebekah Koffler, the president of Doctrine & Strategy Consulting, told Fox News that Biden’s visit to Ukraine is more of a “feel good” strategy. Biden has “no plan for victory,” analysts reasoned. Koffler explained that the visit itself does nothing to Putin and that Biden is merely “marching” toward his agenda by visiting.

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