President Biden Highlights Economic “Gains” in State of the Union; Debt Ceiling Crisis Looms

( President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union address on February 7 at 9 pm Eastern Time. Media reports said his speech would prioritize “economic gains.” America has braced for a looming debt crisis after the Treasury Department announced the United States had reached its debt ceiling of $32T in January.

The president looked to “project strength” as cynical outlooks loom over the political landscape, Associated Press reported. Biden focused on “cancer, vets, and other” vulnerable groups in his address.

Biden’s State of the Union was delivered after a “week’s long” preparation process, Biden aides told The New York Times. The speech came as political analysts have critiqued the president’s performance throughout 2022, Politico reported.

In 2022, Joe Biden was criticized for his handling of immigration, messaging surrounding the economic deficit, the Child Tax Credit, and immigration. Democrats particularly criticized Biden over gun control legislation but praised his support of the war in Ukraine.

Republicans saw flaws in Biden’s policies across the board, but particularly criticized his response to aggressive policy from the Chinese Communist regime, Reuters reported in November.

Analysts predict a heated political debate in Congress over debt ceiling issues. President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy met to discuss debating the debt ceiling crisis. Biden and McCarthy have come closer to “putting political differences aside,” Fox News reported.

Congress will be pressed to decide on whether and how much the debt ceiling should be increased, or whether the U.S. should adopt a payment prioritization plan to decrease the national debt.

Tensions have been high in Congress, leading up to the state of the Union. House Speaker McCarthy stated that he would not “repeat” former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “theatrics” following President Biden’s speech on the night of February 7, Fox News reported. McCarthy referred to former President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address in 2020 when Pelosi tore up the printed speech afterward.

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