Pop Star’s Sister’s Death Officially Ruled a Homicide

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Authorities have determined that Maleesa Mooney, a model based out Los Angeles, was killed in a homicide after her body was found inside a refrigerator in her apartment in Downtown LA.

Mooney, who was 31 years old, is the sister of Jourdin Pauline, a pop star from Guyana.

Mooney’s body was found after her apartment manager, accompanied by police officers, checked on how the model was doing upon the urging of Mooney’s mother. The model’s mother became worried for her daughter’s safety after Mooney failed to get in touch with her for several days. Police had earlier conducted a welfare check on the model, but left after repeated knocks on her door elicited no response.

The up-and-coming model was found inside the refrigerator with her mouth gagged and her wrists and ankles bound. An article of the model’s clothing was also wrapped around her neck.

Building cameras last caught the model entering her apartment building way back in early September, accompanied by a male and female who have yet to be identified. Security cameras captured the same man a few days later using Mooney’s key in the building’s elevators. He was seen carrying plastic bags into the model’s residence.

An autopsy report from authorities show that Mooney sustained blunt force trauma to her head and neck, as well as a triangle-shaped cut on her forehead. Authorities also found abrasions on her wrists and ankles, likely a result of her being tied up. Law enforcement said that the model’s injuries point to her being in a “violent physical altercation prior to her death,” with “homicidal violence” determined as the cause of her death. A drug test included in the autopsy report indicate that Mooney had used cocaine “recently,” but authorities have yet to determine if her drug use is tied into her death.

The discovery of Mooney’s body coincided with the death of another LA model, 31-year-old Nichole Coats, whose body was discovered only two days before.

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