Poor Turnout for Protests of Pending Trump Indictment

(RepublicanDaily.org) – With potential indictment pending, former U.S. President Donald Trump called on his political supporters to hold protests and “take back the country.” However, media reports claimed that the organized protests in Manhattan, New York City had a “poor turnout.” There were “more reporters than protestors” at the scene of some of the protests held near the Manhattan Criminal Court, Slate magazine reported.

Trump protestors claimed that their low turnout numbers were “by design” Politico reported. Only 50 people reportedly gathered in front of the New York Criminal Courts building on March 20. Protestor Gavin Wax told Politico reporters that the protest was thrown together “within 24 hours” and that the group that gathered wasn’t even sure if they wanted to come out because “some people don’t like us.” Wax said that the protestors ultimately decided to show their support for former President Trump in “the bluest” part of New York, referring to the liberal voting statistics of Manhattan. Further, Wax explained that the protestors wanted the event to be “low key” which was the reason for the low turnout.

The former president faces possible criminal charges over the case of “hush money” his lawyers paid to former adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Daniels claimed that she and Trump had an intimate encounter before the 2016 presidential elections, and then the Trump company paid her $130,000 for her silence on the affair.

The Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg appeared “poised” to indict and arrest Donald Trump over the falsified documents from the Daniels case, The New York Times reported. At the time of this report, Trump had not yet been indicted. On March 22, grand jury witnesses were told to stay home, but the reasons were not clear at the time, NBC New York reported.

In response to the impending indictment, Trump took to his Truth Social media handle and went on “a rant,” about the criminal case, Gizmodo commented. Trump called out Stormy Daniels, calling her “horse-faced” and claimed that the criminal proceedings were an “extortion plot.”

In a series of posts on March 22, Trump claimed that he was battling “Radical Leftists Lunatics” and “unfair Prosecutors.”

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