Pollster Refuses to Say Whether He Will Resign After 2020 Prediction Botch

Pollster Refuses to Say Whether He Will Resign After 2020 Prediction Botch

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Just like in 2016, the polls that showed Donald Trump crashing and burning in every contested state in this year’s election were proven entirely wrong. The majority of polls made unfavorable predictions about the president’s prospects, though some were further off than others.

Quinnipiac University’s pollsters were among the poorest performers. They stated, for example, that Joe Biden led President Trump by five percentage points in Florida on Monday night. Unfortunately for them, Trump took Florida by a comfortable three-point margin. They also made inaccurate forecasts in various races in Maine, South Carolina, and Ohio, wildly overestimating the eventual performances of liberal candidates.

In an email to The Federalist, the university’s polling director stated it was impossible to tell why they had misjudged the elections so badly. He refused to say whether he or any other polling staff would exit their roles following the race.

When polls show such consistent favoritism for candidates from one party, it’s difficult to believe we’re dealing with mere incompetence. This was more likely an attempt to skew public opinion in favor of Left-leaning candidates.

Media bias against conservatives is one thing. Distributors of supposedly objective data manipulating their findings to further their political ideology are far more dangerous. Regulators may need to scrutinize polling processes more closely in the future to ensure these organizations aren’t allowed to influence our democracy.

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