Poll Shows Most Americans Want the Federal Government To Have Less Power

Poll Shows That Most Americans Want the Federal Government To Have Less Power

American Citizens Want Their POWER Back – Damning Poll Released!

(RepublicanDaily.org) – When the Founding Fathers penned the US Constitution, they were sure to make it so there were measures to prevent the development of a tyrannical government. One such measure is the convention of states, a means by which state legislatures may organize and vote to amend the Constitution. Some individuals are currently calling for the use of this mechanism to limit the powers of the federal government in the 21st century.

Earlier this month, the Trafalgar Group, in conjunction with the Convention of States Action, conducted a poll of 1,000 likely American voters regarding their feelings about the current functioning of the federal government. The survey found an overall majority (over 65%) of voters would like to see limitations imposed on the federal government via a convention of states. Republicans (81.3%) were the most likely to support the idea, but a slender majority of Democrats (50.2%) got behind it as well.

Respondents indicated federal spending and the exercise of executive powers at the federal level have problems that need fixing. There was also support for the idea of introducing term limits for federal officials and lawmakers.

Do you think the federal government has too much power? Would you like to see a convention of states attempt to gather and impose limits?

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