Poll Shows Majority of Americans Believe Trump’s Indictment Is “Serious”

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Former president Donald Trump is facing this third indictment – but Trump’s voter base seem to be taking the news in stride and couldn’t care less about the latest accusations against the former chief executive.

Speaking to news outlets, Republican voters like Iowa native Robin Bartholomew said that the newest charges are just another move to “get rid of him (Trump),” and a sign that the Democrats are “afraid” of the former president and considerable influence he still commands. Brad Bulla, who hails from Tennessee’s Williamson County, said that the charges are “unjust” and along with those on the right, he believes that the indictment is a “ploy” to keep Trump from the 2024 presidential election.

The Trump campaign echoes these sentiments and also accused the “corrupt” “Biden Crime Family” of weaponizing the Department of Justice against Trump.

Some fellow contenders for the Republican presidential nomination gave Trump all-out support, like businessman Vivek Ramaswamy who swore he would pardon the former president of the charges if elected to the White House. He accused the “corrupt federal police” of working to “eliminate Trump” and called the latest indictment “un-American.”

Trump’s closest rival in the GOP race, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, also expressed support but took a milder tone – promising to “replace the FBI director” and “stop the weaponization of government” if he were elected. DeSantis, however, did not say if he would pardon the former president. The embattled Florida governor – who is facing criticism on all sides for a controversial curriculum on African-American history and whose campaign is experiencing money problems – is a distant second choice among GOP voters.

A poll by ABC News and Ipsos show that a majority of voters – 65% – view the new case as “serious.” But a significant percentage, or 46% or the study’s respondents, believe the complaints against the former commander-in-chief are politically motivated.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to any wrongdoing in all cases filed against him.

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