POLL: Historic 33% Of Americans Don’t Trust Media “At All”

POLL: Historic 33% Of Americans Don't Trust Media

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A new Gallup poll came out on Wednesday, September 30. The study, which interviewed Americans about their faith in the media, has shown us some uncomfortable truths.

Of those surveyed, 33% said they don’t trust the media “at all,” while 27% didn’t have “very much” trust. Only 9% claimed to trust it “a great deal,” with the remaining 31% saying they trust it “a fair amount.” Overall, this shows the average American has lost a lot of faith in major news providers.

The poll also showed massive division along political lines. Of Democrats surveyed, 73% said they trusted traditional media outlets, compared to a mere 10% of Republicans.

These statistics reflect a few different things about the world of modern news. Perhaps most significant is the rise of the internet and social media. Now that people have access to online news content, they can engage with and learn from perspectives that challenge established narratives.

Also of relevance here is the political divide in America currently, and the ways in which media organizations have placed partisanship ahead of unbiased reporting. You rarely have to look too far for a story that shows a strong preference for liberalism or conservatism, even among the top US media organizations. With a presidential election just weeks away, this is an especially relevant factor.

The fact Americans don’t trust the media isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s always healthy to remain skeptical about the news you consume until you know all the details. However, these statistics speak to a larger feeling of fear and mistrust in America today. As our politics become more divided, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to believe what they see and hear is a fair reflection of the truth.

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