Political Analysts Say Washington’s Bipartisan Unity Over China Balloon Drama “To Stiffen Resolve”

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Though there is a great deal of bipartisan division in American politics today, the China spy balloon issue has united Americans in what political analysts call “a rare political unity” and effort to cooperate, CNN Politics reported.

Political analysts expect this bipartisan unity over the balloon to “stiffen resolve” in Washington and the Pentagon on future strategic, economic, and militarized fronts. This reportedly has caused a further setback for what officials had hoped were improving US-China relations.

As American politicians appear to unite on the front of taking stiffer policies toward China, the Chinese Communist regime has responded with condemnation of the U.S. response, The New York Times reported.

Political analysts reported that the U.S. response to the China balloon has shattered hopes that U.S.-China relations would decompress.

Despite unified criticism and effort to strengthen the response to the Chinese spy balloon situation, American officials are still politically divided over China. Republicans criticized Biden’s response to the Chinese spy balloon saying that he “waited too long” to shoot the balloon out of the sky. The balloon floated over the entire United States before it was shot down by an F22 fighter jet above the Atlantic Ocean.

The Congress had united in its condemnation of the Chinese spy balloon but “split again” over Biden’s response to it, Politico reported.

The Pentagon stated that it was concerned the balloon, which was the size of three metro buses, may cause harm to people on the ground. The balloon was geared with heavy materials, including solar panels, that may have posed a hazard to civilians upon ground impact.

On February 10, ABC News reported that the US Navy team sent to recover the balloon debris had located the balloon’s undercarriage. The team reportedly did not, however, retrieve the undercarriage of the balloon at the time it was located because of “rough seas.”

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