Political Analysts Question Response to East Palestine Train Derailment, Accuse Fox News

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Following the derailment of a train in East Palestine, Ohio, which caused a toxic leak into the surrounding area, Transportation Pete Buttigieg has come under political fire. In recent headlines, political analysts have questioned whether Buttigieg is the “best or worst” Transportation secretary due to his response to the events, The Independent UK reported. Buttigieg is “not in a position” to be helpful, Bloomberg opinion columnist Julianna Goldman analyzed, stating that the Transportation secretary has no immediate role in clean-up efforts in the locale.

While some poll respondents felt that the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, had done a “surprisingly competent job” on policy, others felt that his response was heavily lacking. Critics were troubled by the fact it took two weeks for Buttigieg to arrive at the location of the derailment events in East Palestine.

Republicans have called for Buttigieg to resign due to his response. Political analysts from Fox News and Congressman J.D. Vance accused President Biden of “overlooking” East Palestine, The Guardian wrote.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson stated on his broadcast that Biden had “forgotten” the people of East Palestine, attributing the fact that Biden had not visited the town at the time of his broadcast to the fact that East Palestine is “overwhelmingly white and politically conservative.” Carlson stated that, in his view, these statistics made East Palestine less than an ideal destination for President Biden politically, attributing this to why the people of East Palestine, Ohio, are “forgettable” to the federal leadership. Mainstream media accused Carlson and other conservative politicians of “radicalizing” the events of the train crash in response to Carlson’s statements and claimed that conservatives were “race-baiting” over the incident.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump visited the scene and passed out branded potable water he named “Trump Water”. Trump called the federal response to the train clean-up a “betrayal.”

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