Political Analysts Ponder “Temperature Cooling” of U.S. Politics; Rare Unity Over China Issues

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Political analysts are pondering the “cooling temperature” of American politics, and wondering if Americans have “learned to live with division,” the Financial Times wrote. While political barbs are still sharply worded, the Financial Times noted how the 2022 Congressional MidTerm Elections passed without incident. Specifically, the analysts reasoned that the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade, a judicial action that affronted liberal America, did not incite civil strife.

The Congress has formed a “rare unity” over the threat from the Chinese spy balloon, spotted in the North American air space earlier in February, CNN reported.

The issue incited the outrage of Congress, leading members to vote on condemning the Chinese Communist regime for sending the balloon into U.S. airspace. The incident is a “defining moment” in U.S.-China tensions. Analysts stated that the incident could be a “watershed” moment in the world’s new political superpower rivalry, the “new Cold War” between the United States and China, CNN reported.

As Congress launched a full review into the issue, President Joe Biden attempted to ease tensions, stating that he would speak with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, The New York Times reported. The president claimed that Xi does not wish to “damage the relationship” with the United States, NBC News reported.

The rare unity in Congress over the Chinese spy balloon issue follows months of extreme political tensions and partisan frustration. Pew Research Center estimated in August 2022 that the strong partisan polarization has left many Americans “frustrated” with the American two-party system.

While in earlier polls, less than half of Americans had said that people in their opposite party were “more dishonest” than other Americans, the August poll found that 72% of Republicans and 62% of Democrats now believed the opposite party’s members to be dishonest. The August poll found that negative partisanship was increasing in some aspects, but at the same time, frustration in the two-party system was also climbing.

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