Political Analysts Call for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin To Run for President

(RepublicanDaily.org) – As the lineup of presidential candidates contending for the Republican nomination grows longer, media analysts at Politico argued that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin should join the race. Analysts argued that Youngkin presents a “non-hostile” alternative to former president Donald Trump and an “interesting centrist challenge” to incumbent President Joe Biden.

Should Youngkin launch a formal presidential campaign, which he is currently reportedly pondering, Politico wrote, he will be faced with steep competition. The current leading Republican candidate is former president Donald Trump, who surpassed his immediate anticipatory poll rival Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by “double digits,” recent polling stated, as reported by Fox News.

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley formally announced her presidential run in February, Politico reported. Other possible contenders include former Vice President Mike Pence, former State Secretary Mike Pompeo, and Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Christie has been a vocal opponent of both Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden’s leadership styles in recent media appearances. Christie is reportedly considering a presidential campaign to beat Donald Trump at his own game, by emulating Trump’s behaviors, which Christie said would include “being a bigger jerk” than he views Trump as The New Republic wrote.

Christie seriously considers a 2024 presidential run. While he was one the first republicans to endorse former President Trump in 2016, he claims that he will never do so again, Axios reported.

Despite the many contenders in the race, the Republican party appears to favor Donald Trump. Right-wing magazine American Greatness wrote that, while the 2024 race had “barely begun,” Trump appeared to already be on a “glide path” to the nomination.

While polls pondered Trump’s possible political contenders for the Republican nomination, political analysts weighed in and stated that “possible indictment” was the former president’s greatest political foe, USA Today reported.

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