Police Foil Mass Shooter’s Plan

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Metropolitan Police in Las Vegas, Nevada foiled a mass shooter’s plot hours before the Stanley Cup Final was to take place in the city on Tuesday, June 13. Moments before noon police responded to a call from a Las Vegas business claiming that Matthew De Savio, 33, had been verbally threatening a mass shooting attempt at the Stanley Cup Final.

The caller who reported the threat had explained that DeSavio had stalked the caller personally for “over a decade,” documents obtained by media from public officials explained. These documents showed hat De Savio had made threatening statements about his intentions at the game on social media outlets.

The call to stop DeSavio came “just four hours” before the tournament was scheduled. The game was set to transpire at the Paradise and Winchester, Nevada Strip just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. DeSavio was arrested by authorities in Nevada for threatening to carry out his plan in the Strip’s local T-Mobile Area.

Authorities described DeSavio as having a history of “mental illness and arrests.” DeSavio had a history of prior offenses that would lead others to have legitimate concerns for their safety. It is not clear whether authorities discovered weapons in DeSavio’s possession.

There were at least three calls made to report DeSavio’s concerning behavior to authorities in the hours leading up to the Stanley Cup Final. DeSavio’s “rambling,” which came in the form of text, phone calls, and posts to social media, had echoed the threats of the October 2017 shooting at the Paradise Strip. The shooting in October 2017 in the same area was the deadliest in modern American history and left 60 people dead with hundreds more injured.

A photographer for Getty Images who was there to take pictures for a concert recalled the October, 2017 shooting at The Paradise Strip as a massacre.

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