Pentagon Official Caught in the Act, Gets Arrested

( – A senior official of the Pentagon was arrested after a sting operation that was part of an operation buy law enforcement to bust a human-trafficking ring in Georgia state.

Stephen Hovanic, 64, was charged with pandering – which is considered a misdemeanor in the state – after he attempted to solicit sex from an undercover agent. A video released by police shows Hovanic placing a pair of sunglasses by a pack of condoms and asking the agent if they could “do half an hour” and handing cash to the agent in a motel room before being arrested by officers who then barged into the room. “I’m not doing anything,” Hovanic is heard telling the arresting officers in the video.

Upon further questioning by police officers, however, he said he was only in the room to “get a massage.” He was arrested with 25 other suspects – 12 were charged with prostitution, four were charged for pimping, while 10 (Hovanic included) were charged with pandering. The two-day operation also resulted in the rescue of six human trafficking victims.

Hovanic also happens to be the former chief of staff for Pentagon’s Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Americas division, which oversees federally-operated school systems. He held the post for more than 20 years. The DoDEA has listed Hovanic’s position as “vacant” on its website, and told news outlets that it is aware of the situation. However, the agency would not comment any further, saying that it would be “inappropriate” to comment on “ongoing legal processes.”

Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said that the johns were arrested because of the contribution of buyers like Hovanic to the human trafficking problem in the country.

“Sex buyers are a huge problem in the (human-trafficking) industry,” an agent told Fox News. She explained that people like Hovanic create the market and demand for prostitution, where she says females are often put into exploitative and abusive situations.

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