Pentagon Defends Troop Withdrawal Under Biden Amid Blowback

Pentagon Defends Troop Withdrawal Under Biden Amid Blowback

( – President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump disagree on very many things. When it comes to border security, family values, and putting America first, the two are at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, one thing they do appear to find common ground on is the American occupation of Afghanistan. Trump was firm in his belief that US forces needed to vacate the area without delay. That process is now over 90% complete, with thousands of personnel having evacuated under Biden.

Even though the withdrawal is something everyone appears to support, there’s been some controversy around how departures are taking place. On Tuesday, July 6, the Pentagon was forced to defend the way in which it took troops out of Bagram Airfield after the emergence of reports that the unit there had left before coordinating properly with local leaders.

According to reports, troops left the base in the middle of the night and shut off the electricity, failing to inform the Afghan National Security Forces of their plans. This allegedly allowed looters to access the facility temporarily.

The Pentagon’s statement challenged some of these assertions. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, conceded the team had not shared all the departure details because of “operational security.” However, he maintained coordination with local leaders and reminded reporters that this was the seventh and final base US troops had handed over to Afghan officials.

The details of this story are not yet entirely clear. Blips aside, though, it appears that Afghanistan’s withdrawal is progressing.

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