Pence’s National Security Adviser: ‘Disappointment in Recent Actions’

Pence Promises to Support Any Governor Trump Wants Primaried

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence is getting flak from fellow Republicans over his actions regarding former President Donald Trump’s third indictment.

One of the more damning condemnations came from retired general Keith Kellogg, who served as Pence’s national security adviser during the latter’s tenure in D.C. Kellogg took to Trump-owned social media platform Truth Social to express his “disappointment” with his old boss, saying that Pence is lacking in “decisive leadership” accusing the former Vice President of upholding the status quo and often going the “passive route, avoiding confrontation.” Kellogg also said Pence was more concerned with “political maneuvering and maintaining his image.”

In the same post, the retired general also sang praise for Trump, calling the latter a decisive leader who is “bold and unafraid to challenge the status quo” and someone who has “consistently put America first.” The post ended with Kellogg stating, “I believe in the future President Trump envisions.”

Trump has also lashed out at his former running mate, saying that Pence has “gone to the Dark Side.” The former President has also taken to calling the former Vice President “Liddle’ Mike Pence,” claiming that the latter would have been ousted as governor of Indiana until he stepped in and “made him V.P.” Trump also called Pence “delusional” and wanting “to show he’s a tough guy.”

Another staunch Trump ally, lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, called Pence “too weak to be president” and alluded to Pence’s wife having a metaphorical “something around his neck every night.” Juliani added, “She lets him go to the bathroom by himself, but that’s about it.” He also questioned Pence’s legal credentials, saying, “he (Pence) went to a law school nobody even knows.”

The former Vice President, who is also vying for the GOP presidential nomination, has been more vocal in his criticism of Trump after their departure from the White House. In a recent interview, he said that he has “no plans” to testify in Trump’s third indictment trial, but said he would “tell the truth” if called to the stand.

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