Pence Leads Fight to Save the Senate

Pence Leads Fight to Save the Senate

( – Vice President Mike Pence has taken to the campaign trail in recent days, not to further his own bid for re-election, but to help Republican senators with theirs. The GOP currently holds the majority in the Senate, with Democrats controlling the House. However, the Left will overturn this majority if they can gain a net total of four seats in the election.

South Carolina

On Tuesday, October 27, Pence stopped in South Carolina to campaign for Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Graham is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and has presided over the appointment of more than 200 judges during Donald Trump’s time in office. Perhaps the most significant of these was Amy Coney Barrett, confirmed as a Supreme Court justice the day prior. Her introduction to the bench gives Conservatives a 6-3 majority in the country’s highest court.

However, Graham faces stiff opposition in South Carolina. Democrat Jaime Harrison has outpaced him in terms of fundraising, and analysts feel this race will be hard-fought.

North Carolina

After campaigning for Senator Graham, Pence got on a flight to North Carolina to offer his support to Senator Thom Tillis.

Tillis’ campaign suffered a major setback when he contracted COVID-19. However, it also received an unexpected boost when his opponent Cal Cunningham was embroiled in an infidelity scandal. Commentators have presented the Democrat as the favorite throughout the election season, but they now feel the gap is closing.


On Thursday, Vice President Pence landed in Des Moines International Airport to speak at a rally with Senator Joni Ernst. Recent polls suggest her race against Democratic newcomer Theresa Greenfield is a dead heat. Ernst appealed to the rally audience to reject the “radical left” by supporting both herself and President Trump.


The last stop on Pence’s trip was Arizona. He spoke in both Flagstaff and Tucson on Friday in support of Senator Martha McSally. Polls currently show McSally trailing her opponent, Mark Kelly, by a wide margin.

With all the focus on the presidential candidates, it’s easy to forget Congress seats will change hands after November 3 as well. Deploying Mike Pence to attempt to secure the conservative Senate majority may be a shrewd move by the GOP at this stage in proceedings.

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