Pence Faces Off With Trump – SCATHING Remarks!

Pence Claims Trump's Recklessness Put His Family in Danger

Pence Claims Trump’s Recklessness Put His Family in Danger

( – It’s no secret former Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t get along with his old boss. The rift between the two opened wide on January 6, 2021, and has been growing ever since. Now, Pence has launched a new attack on the previous president — but is it all political, or does he have a financial motive, too?

In an interview shown on November 13 by ABC, Pence claimed Donald Trump’s words on January 6 were “reckless” and endangered the safety of everyone in the Capitol building — including Pence and his family. The ex-VP claimed Trump delivered a mixed message, asking his supporters to march peacefully to the Capitol but also urging them to “fight like hell.” Pence says he was put on the spot because Trump said the vice president had the power to overturn the election result; Pence insisted the VP can’t do it. He went on to tell ABC anchor David Muir that Trump had “decided to be part of the problem.”

It seems clear Pence is genuinely angry with Trump, but he also has a memoir that hit the shelves last Tuesday, and it’s likely to sell better if Pence is still in the news. His old nemesis Trump certainly is — on November 15, he announced, as expected, he plans to run for election in 2024.

Did Pence decide to stir the pot in an attempt to knock Trump out of the headlines or to sell his book?

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