Pelosi “ATTACKS” Republicans Who Don’t Bow Down to Her

Pelosi Disparages Republicans Who Don't Agree With Her Views

Pelosi Disparages Republicans Who Don’t Agree With Her Views

( – There are many ways to persuade political opponents to come around to your point of view. Calling them stupid isn’t generally one of them. Unfortunately, despite having been in politics for what feels like forever, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) still hasn’t learned that.

Talking to the news website Punchbowl on October 19, Speaker Pelosi claimed that any Republican lawmakers who don’t support the Biden administration’s green agenda are “stupid.” She went on to accuse them of being “in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.” Her attack ties in well with Biden’s opposition to fossil fuels — but it’s also a fairly obvious distraction from things she’d rather not talk about.

Pelosi insisted on talking about environmental policy and climate change, but that’s not what she was actually asked about. The interviewers wanted to know what the Democrats plan to do about inflation, but the 82-year-old speaker skimmed over that quickly before changing the subject and attacking the GOP.

As well as her comments on Republican opposition to the green agenda, she claimed conservative politicians rely on “dark money” and said they don’t have any plans to combat inflation either. Is Pelosi abusing Republicans to distract attention from her own party’s failures? That’s definitely what it sounds like.

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