Parler CEO Says Parler May Never Return After Big Tech Ended Them

Parler CEO Says Parler May Never Return After Big Tech Ended Them

( – Since the incident at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, on January 6, tech companies have been doing their best to suppress conservative voices on their platforms. One of the most instances of this (other than President Trump being censored) was the removal of the Parler website from servers by Amazon, the platform’s service provider. Apple and Google also removed the app from their online stores.

Now, it appears Amazon’s move may spell the end of the road for the social media site. On Wednesday, January 13, CEO John Matze gave an interview with Reuters in which he discussed the situation. When asked when Parler would be back online, he responded by saying “it could be never.”

Parler had 12 million users immediately prior to going dark. Its executives have filed a lawsuit against Amazon, and have also entered talks with other service providers about re-establishing the platform.

Amazon claims it removed Parler for its failure to police violent content. However, Matze stated before the platform went offline that he believes it was more likely a “coordinated attack” by Big Tech to reduce competition in the industry. Time will tell whether or not Parler is able to find its way back onto the Web.

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