Ozzy Osbourne Says He Only Has Ten Years Left

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The legendary heavy metal icon and former “Black Sabbath” vocalist Ozzy Osbourne said recently that he has “ten years” left in his life at best following the discovery – and removal – of a tumor in his spinal column.

Osbourne, who has been public with his many issues with substance abuse in his heyday, has had to suffer the aftereffects on his health caused by his wild lifestyle, which have especially come to a head in more recent years. Earlier this year, health issues in his spine – where several pins from prior operations needed to be removed and/or realigned – caused him to cancel a series of shows in his Europe tour. This spinal operation was also where a tumor was found and subsequently removed. The whole ordeal has left Ozbourne physically incapable of the grueling grind touring requires. On top of all this, the former Black Sabbath frontman has been battling Parkinson’s Disease since 2003.

True to form though, Ozbourne isn’t taking the news sitting down, and expressed that he will be fighting until the end.

“I’m getting pissed off reading the papers,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, referring to news of the media’s coverage of his health issues. He even admitted to still smoking marijuana occasionally.

Ozbourne first underwent spinal surgery after a bad fall in 2019, and this latest is his fourth.

“The last one (spinal surgery) they put a ******** rod in my spine,” he recounted. “It’s pretty rough, man, and my balance is all ****** up.”

While Ozbourne also says that he has accepted the fact that his prime has long passed, he still wants to perform. He said that he is taking things “one day at a time” but “if I can perform again, I will,” the rock icon said, and assured fans that when he gets back to performing, audiences won’t see a “half-hearted Ozzy.”

“What’s the ******* point in that?” he said.

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