Officials Say White House Cocaine Suspect Unlikely To Be Found

( – This Independence Day weekend, a baggie of cocaine was discovered inside the West Wing of the White House. The discovery was made early Sunday evening on July 2. The illegal substance was found in a cubbyhole where people store electronic devices and officials in the White House now say it will be “very difficult” to find out who left the drug there, and that even surveillance cameras are highly unlikely to be able to identify the exact culprit.

For her part, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says the area where the drug was found is a very busy place and said that it’s nothing to do with the Bidens, in her opinion. She said that it’s up to people to respect the “Secret Service” at this point and to give “confidence” to their investigation. According to former President Trump’s former Secretary of State Kayleigh McEnany, there’s “no way” this cocaine belonged to Hunter Biden. As McEnany noted, Hunter had been at Camp David since Friday, and the chance it had been sitting undiscovered for several days in the West Wing is “inconceivable.”

Hunter Biden’s years of struggle with drug addiction and photos of him smoking crack cocaine have led some journalists to hypothesize that the drugs discovered must have been his, but the timeline does raise questions. Republicans are also responding, with Congressman James Comer of the House Oversight Committee sending a request to Secret Service recently, demanding to have answers to the “shameful” and “unacceptable” occurrence.

President Joe Biden and the First Lady were not at the White House when the cocaine was discovered in a little Ziploc plastic bag. The Secret Service continues to investigate and will reportedly be studying visitor logs and surveillance footage to find out exactly who this was, but so far, Secret Service chief Kimberly Cheatle has not responded to Comer’s request for answers about what happened and who was responsible for the illegal drugs.

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