Office Building Fire in China Kills 26

( – Chinese state media claimed that a fire broke out at a coal mining business building in a city in northern China, killing at least 26 people and wounding at least 38. Rescue workers removed scores of individuals from the structure.

This structure is the property of Yongju Coal Company, located in the northern Shanxi Province.

Fire and thick clouds of smoke could be seen billowing from the roof of the four-story concrete structure in videos shared online and carried on state television network CCTV. People were seen making their way out of the building via the drain pipes. According to a local publication, almost all of the victims were laborers.

According to the emergency management service, the fire was reported around 7 am Wednesday and was contained by mid-afternoon. State media said that many persons suspected of starting the fire were apprehended and interrogated by authorities.

A local news site stated that the fire looked to have begun in the building’s shower area, which also housed offices and dorm rooms.

Reports show industrial mishaps, especially those occurring in coal mines, are prevalent in China, while the authorities have been focusing on increasing safety. While the Chinese government is working to wean the economy off of coal, the province of Shanxi is at the forefront of coal production.

In April, 29 people perished in a Beijing hospital blaze, bringing up an online outcry against officials, who had been accused of concealing information from victims’ families. Thirty-one people perished in an explosion at a BBQ restaurant in Yinchuan, a city in northwest China, in June.

It has been said that poor Chinese building standards are well-known. A report shows that in 2009, a building collapsed in Shanghai. The structure in question was new and still under development. There was one death. The building reportedly collapsed because of issues with neighboring flood barriers along the Dianpu River. However, this has not been verified. Engineers and workers at the facility were careless in this instance.

In 2023 alone, China saw many catastrophic building disasters.

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