Ocasio-Cortez Publicly Disagrees With Biden’s New Policies

Ocasio-Cortez Publicly Disagrees With Biden's New Policies

(RepublicanDaily.org) – We often fall into the trap of thinking about American politics purely in terms of “right” and “left.” There’s often a broad diversity of opinion within the two major political parties on various issues.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has repeatedly been a dissenting voice in the Democrat party in recent times. On Wednesday, December 9, she spoke to Washington reporters about Joe Biden’s cabinet picks. She criticized the presumptive president-elect for failing to be “bold enough or ambitious enough” in his selections.

She went on to state her belief, on the basis of these picks, that Biden’s overall vision for the presidency was “a little hazy.” Whether this was a veiled reference to his mental acuity is unclear. One way or another, however, it’s sharp criticism from the young Congresswoman.

AOC has consistently been one of the most radical voices in the Democratic Party since her election to Congress. It’s therefore unsurprising she would take aim at Joe Biden’s centrist stances on many issues. It’ll be interesting to watch this relationship develop if Biden does end up claiming the White House.

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