Obama’s Misleading COVID Claims Stun Public

Obama's Misleading COVID Claims Stun Public

(RepublicanDaily.org) – On Wednesday, October 21, former President Barack Obama made claims about America’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic while campaigning for Joe Biden. He implied the Trump administration has underperformed other countries in terms of the virus because they have not been “paying attention.”

Obama’s statements ignored a lot of relevant statistics. America does have a greater number of cases and deaths than any other country, overall. However, when you account for population, the numbers tell a different story. Several countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Peru, Belgium, and Bolivia, have a higher death rate than America.

It’s also important to consider the reliability of data from some countries. It seems safe to assume China has released wildly inaccurate numbers throughout the pandemic. Experts have also earmarked data from North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela as potentially misleading.

Alleged mismanagement of the pandemic has been one of the main Democratic talking points of late. Unfortunately for them, the statistics do not support their narrative. When you consider economic factors, it becomes clear Donald Trump has done a good job of handling the virus.

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