NHL Player Calls Out TikTok Community for Sexual Harrassment

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Tiktok users have once again figured in accusations of toxic behavior after National Hockey League player Alex Wennberg, a forward for the Seattle Kraken, called on users of the platform to stop sexually harassing him, adding that even his wife and child have been subject to abusive behavior on Tiktok and on other social media.

Wennberg said that while he was not in the habit of making public statements, it had come to the point where he could not stay quiet after several people made “vile comments” on his wife’s Instagram and even on posts featuring their child.

The hockey player’s statements come in support of his wife Felicia, who previously posted an Instagram story (which has now expired), calling some of the comments about her husband on Tiktok “predatory and exploiting.” She also noted that much of the behavior she takes issue with would be far from acceptable “if we flipped the genders around.”

A lot of the behavior the Wennbergs refer to happen on “BookTok,” a Tiktok community for book fans. Apparently, the issue began when ice hockey-themed “fancasts” – fan-made romance novels and stories exploded in popularity in the community. The Krakens’ social media team noticed that Wennberg was particularly popular and decided to capitalize on this by uploading more content that featured the hockey forward.

Add the fact that Felicia, who herself commands a large social media following, posted her admiration for her husband’s physical appearance. Some social media users presumably assumed that it meant that Wennberg was fair game. Felicia stated that while she does not mind other people appreciating her husband’s looks, a number of posts and direct messages to them were disturbing and “crossed the line.” These included crude comments by Kierra Lewis, a popular influencer and member of the BookTok community.

Lewis has responded by saying that her remarks were only jokes and were not meant to offend. She added that the criticism directed at her over the issue is unfair, also stating that she has reached out privately via DM to Felicia to apologize but has yet to hear back.

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