NFL Star Von Miller Arrested

( – Buffalo Bills’ Von Miller has turned himself into police custody in Glenn Heights, Texas, following charges of domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend.

The Bills’ 34-year-old linebacker has been temporarily released on a $5,000 bond, but if convicted, Miller could face anywhere from two to 10 years in jail, as well as a $10,000 fine, for assault of a pregnant woman, which is a third-degree felony under Texas law.

A 911 call, supposedly from the victim, Miller’s longtime domestic partner, accuses Miller of hitting her, pulling out parts of her hair, and choking her.

“My boyfriend is choking and hitting me,” she is heard in the call as saying.

“My hair is out,” the victim also tells the dispatcher.

Police were able to respond to the call, but Miller had already left when officers arrived at the scene. Miller’s girlfriend was treated for bruising on her neck as well as “minor abrasions” on her left hand. Police say the injuries were “consistent” with being choked.

The affidavit on the incident also details that the incident began as a verbal argument between the two parties over travel plans. Miller reportedly screamed at his girlfriend to “get” out of their apartment, but as the victim was gathering up her things, Miller allegedly “shoved and pushed her” while telling her to leave.

However, Miller’s girlfriend has seemingly backtracked on her story, telling news outlets that she and the NFL star only had a “misunderstanding.” She also said that the charges against her partner and the whole issue of the assault is “outrageous” and has been “blown way out of context.”

“We’re fine,” she said of herself and Miller. “No one assaulted anyone,” she added.

Royce West, who also happens to be a state senator, is acting as Miller’s legal representative. However, he has declined to comment on the issue as of press time. Miller’s team, the Buffalo Bill, also said that they are “aware” of the incident regarding Miller but told media outlets that they are still in the “process of gathering more information” and declined to provide any further comment on the issue.

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