Newt Gingrich Praises Michael Flynn After Pardon News

Newt Gingrich Praises Michael Flynn After Pardon News

( – President Donald Trump’s pardoning of ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn late last month drew predictable ire from the Democrats. Despite their accusations of abuse of power, however, the White House remains insistent Flynn is an innocent man whose conviction came about for political reasons.

On Sunday, December 6, another voice came to Flynn’s defense. In an opinion piece for Fox News, political commentator Newt Gingrich stated his unequivocal support for the general.

Detailing Flynn’s various achievements in the military, Gingrich makes the case that he could not be a true enemy of America. He discusses the differences of opinion Flynn had with the Obama administration, particularly with regard to their approach to security. Despite granting Flynn two senior intelligence roles while in office, Obama would eventually advise President Trump against hiring Flynn as national security advisor.

Michael Flynn may have made some missteps during his time in Washington, DC. However, as Newt Gingrich points out, neither his strength of character nor his dedication to the American nation can be called into question.

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