Newsom Warns DeSantis He Is Serious About Kidnapping Charges

( – California Gavin Newsom has reportedly threatened Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron DeSantis with “kidnapping” charges over allegations that Florida is suspiciously shipping migrants to California.

DeSantis and the government of Florida were accused of sanctioning kidnapping after migrants who entered California presented authorities with documents that were issued by Florida’s emergency agency. Reportedly, the agency named on the documents was the same one to conduct another charter flight to relocate migrants last year.

Newsom spoke with the media and criticized DeSantis asking “what kind” of a person would actively ship migrants from one state to the other. Outraged, the California Governor took to Twitter to lambast DeSantis calling him a “small” and “pathetic” man.

In the same tweet, Newsom pointed to a line of California’s penal code that anyone guilty of taking someone, whether by fraud or force, was guilty of kidnapping in California. The California Attorney General Rob Bonta likewise stated that DeSantis was guilty of “state-sanctioned” kidnapping within California state law.

Kidnapping charges were touted after 16 South Americans were reportedly discovered abandoned outside of the Roman Catholic Diocese in Sacramento, California. These South American nationals had documentation that claimed to be from the state of Florida. The South Americans had entered the United States through the U.S. Southern Border where they were reportedly “duped” into boarding charter flights to New Mexico, which later carried them to California. From there, they were given food and then reportedly transported to a “religious” institution.

This duping incident reportedly was the second such event that was attributed to DeSantis, who last year sent a charter flight of Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

The California Governor’s promise of prosecution has been met with political speculation.

Media analysts pondered whether Newsom had the authority to charge DeSantis over migrant flights. Newsom’s ire followed the reported arrival of two flights carrying 36 people, one of which landed in Sacramento. The other flight reportedly landed in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

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