New York Changes State Law to Coddle Criminals

New York Changes State Law to Coddle Criminals

Criminals Get INSANE New Handout Thanks to Democrats

( – Violent crime is one of the most pressing issues facing the United States at the moment, one of the main challenges appearing to be our policymakers’ inability to band together and find a solution to the problem. The state of New York’s most recent prisoner initiative seems to be a perfect example of this.

On Monday, August 8, New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) approved a raft of legislative changes to remove the use of the word “inmate” in state law. Instead, an individual behind bars will henceforth be referred to as an “incarcerated person.” The Democratic state lawmakers who sponsored the bill, Representative Jeffrion Aubry and Senator Gustavo Rivera, say this change came about to reduce the stigma people feel about criminal convictions and spending time in prison.

The move has proven unpopular among conservative state lawmakers. It forms part of a broader dispute around New York’s approach to crime, with Republicans accusing Hochul and Democrats of allowing crime rates to increase with their soft policies. State Rep. Lee Zeldin (R), who is the incumbent governor’s GOP challenger in this year’s gubernatorial election, posted the following tweet criticizing the new law.

Do you think this rule change is a step in the right direction, or is it just the woke Left going too far — yet again?

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