New Study Reveals Dr. Fauci’s Lockdowns Simply Didn’t Work

New Study Reveals Dr. Fauci's Lockdowns Simply Didn't Work

( – As the pandemic progressed into its second year, the two major issues up for debate were vaccines and masks. Initially, lockdowns were the main tool we had in our arsenal to fight the spread of the virus. Some countries relied heavily on this strategy, and our own Dr. Anthony Fauci was a big advocate of it. However, it seems movement restrictions may not have been as effective as experts led us to believe.

In January 2022, three researchers with Johns Hopkins University published a paper assessing the effectiveness of lockdown measures in terms of limiting fatalities related to COVID-19. The meta-analysis studied 24 previous papers and concluded that movement restrictions in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom during the first phase of the pandemic reduced COVID deaths by just 0.2%.

Based on these findings, the authors recommended that we shouldn’t use lockdowns as a pandemic management tool in the future.

Border closures were reportedly ineffective, leading to just 0.1% fewer deaths from the virus. School closures were somewhat better, contributing a 4.4% decrease, while the closure of nonessential shops (including bars and restaurants) was the most effective individual measure, contributing a 10.6% decrease. The research suggests lockdown measures may have had unintended negative consequences, such as encouraging infected people to remain in close quarters with family members.

Based on these figures, do you think lockdowns here in the US were worthwhile?

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