New Polling Data Suggests Democrats Are in Trouble for Upcoming Midterms

New Polling Data Suggests Democrats Are in Trouble for Upcoming Midterms

Stunning POLL Shows What’s Coming Next

( – The 2022 midterm election season is well underway, and it looks like the Democratic Party is facing serious challenges on several fronts. The problems that have plagued the nation since President Joe Biden took office last January are clearly weighing on the minds of voters. The latest polling data contains more grim insights for liberal supporters.

NPR and Marist conducted a voter survey between April 19 and April 26, and it shows Democratic candidates losing support among a range of demographics. These include some groups that would traditionally lean toward the Left in terms of their voting preferences.

Of the poll’s Latino respondents, for example, 52% said they would go for a Republican candidate in their district, compared to just 39% who said they would opt for a Democrat. Younger voters (those under 45 years of age) are also trending toward the Right in greater numbers, with 50% stating they’d vote Republican and 40% backing Democrats. Both Latinos and younger voters are traditionally Democratic demographics.

The poll shows that Republicans also have a clear lead on certain key issues. In terms of the economy, 42% of respondents said Republicans would do a better job than Democrats while just 26% said the opposite.

What do you think the balance of power will look like after the midterm elections?

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