New Poll Suggests Americans Think Gun Violence Will Increase Under Joe Biden

New Poll Suggests Americans Think Gun Violence Will Increase Under Joe Biden

New POLL Reveals Horrible Prediction For Joe Biden

( – Politico conducted a poll about gun violence in the wake of the school massacre in Uvalde, Texas. The survey asked a group of nearly 2,000 people if they thought gun violence would increase over the next few years, and 54% of them answered a resounding yes. Although 34% said they believe gun-related violence would stay the same, only a mere 5% thought the number would decrease under President Joe Biden’s watch.

Only a fraction of mass shootings garner media attention. In fact, Gun Violence Archive reported there had been 230 shootings classified in the mass category already in 2022. According to their research, nearly 18,000 people in the US have died this year from gun violence, including 380 minors. Even police officers are dying at the hands of gunmen, with the FBI reporting a 59% increase in gun deaths among officers in 2021.

Citizens across the United States are looking for reasons for the problem and ways to solve the issue while ensuring individual freedoms at the same time. Some suggest arming teachers in the classroom, while others demand stricter gun laws. The Politico survey shows 54% support the former, whereas 65% stand behind the latter. Those surveyed appear to put most of the blame for mass shootings on illegal gun dealers, easy access to weapons, and mental illness.

Do you agree gun violence will continue to increase across America? What do you see as a solution to the problem?

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