New Delegation Departs U.S. To Work on China Problem

( – Representative Mike Gallagher (R.Wv) has motioned to lead a select committee headed for the United Kingdom to work with the U.S.-allied nation on China issues, The Epoch Times reported.

Gallagher and his delegation visited the United Kingdom on Thursday, May 18, to request the British Parliament to work “hand in hand” with the United States to combat the Chinese Communist violations of international policy, Politico reported. The committee was reportedly hosted by the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, a group of British Parliament’s MPs who are “skeptical” of China’s aggressive economic, ideological, and political behavior in its international relations.

In a published statement, Gallagher told Politico that the Chinese regime’s aggression was “global,” and noted that the United States and the United Kingdom shared “common threats” from this aggression.

Gallagher has told Congress, in a hearing on Wednesday, May 17, that the members needed to “take off” their “golden blindfold” and come to the full realization of the security risks and problems the Chinese Communist Party presents to the United States and Western allied nations, Fox News reported.

Likewise, Gallagher stated that the United States should not be “complicit” in the ongoing perpetrated by the Chinese Communist regime, Fox News reported. The Chinese Communist regime has committed acts of a genocidal crackdown on Uighurs, a Turkic population local to China’s Western province of Xinjiang, which includes conditions of torture and forced labor, the U.S. Department of Labor explained.

Uighurs are reportedly being forced into labor and concentration camps have sparked strong criticism from the United States, with companies such as e-commerce retail giant Shein coming under investigation for sourcing fabric from the Xinjiang region, Quartz reported.

Concerns about China’s political interference in the United States have been growing since early 2023. In January, the House China Committee was formed with an “overwhelming” bipartisan vote, Fox News reported.

In March, the United States compelled the popular social media video platform TikTok’s CEO to testify about his company before Congress, C-SPAN broadcast. The CEO was asked to answer questions about how TikTok used American citizens’ data, and whether it could be given to the Chinese Communist regime in compliance with PRC national intelligence gathering laws.

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