Netflix Actor Diagnosed With Brain Cancer, Shares Sad News on Instagram

( – Barton Cowperthwaite, one of the stars in the Netflix series “Tiny Pretty Things,” has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

In a post on Instagram, Cowperthwaite told his 180,000 followers that doctors told him that he has stage 2 Glioma, a form of brain cancer. He said that the tumor is “decent sized” but reassured fans that since this particular form of cancer’s cells originate in the brain, “it’s not spread from a cancer anywhere else in the body.”

The actor also said that his only option is to have the tumor removed through surgery, but said that his doctors were confident that they could remove most of it, and said that with rehab and treatment after the surgery, he expects to be back to his old, or even “better” self. Cowperthwaite also said that he and his family are looking at second opinions, but he said that he expects to be in surgery in a week or so. NBC News reported that the actor and his family are speaking to several neurosurgeons and their teams, including those from Columbia University, Lenox Hill Hospital, and Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

Cowperthwaite also encouraged fans and supporters to “reach out” and promised to do his best to “stay connected with as many people as I can.”

Doctors diagnosed the actor with the condition after he was rushed to the emergency room recently after suffering from a seizure. Doctors found a “lemon-sized” tumor in his brain after administering a CAT scan and an MRI.

The actor has also started a GoFundMe page to help with the expenses he and his family are expected to incur during his ordeal to fight the disease. He plays Oren Lennox in the Netflix series “Tiny Pretty Things,” a series about students and their lives in an elite ballet academy. Netflix cancelled the series after one season.

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