NASA UFO Panel Reaches a Conclusion

( – NASA’s recent panel on UFOs and the existence of alien species reached a simple conclusion: that the Space agency would need “high-quality data” to determine the truth. Media reports explained that despite growing demand to understand the objects that pass through the airspace, the “stigma” attached to the concept of “flying saucers” and insufficient data have resulted in slow progress for research.

The NASA panel, which has been selected to study “unidentified aerial phenomena,” was hosted by 16 members. In May, the panel reportedly presented its early findings. The team is reportedly expected to present the final results of its investigation before the end of this summer.

While extraterrestrial life is a study subject, the “unidentified aerial phenomena” that prompted NASA to form a panel is reportedly focusing more on “national security concerns.” The assistant deputy of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Daniel Evans, explained to the panel that research of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, does not necessarily have anything to do “with aliens.” Rather, Evans explained that United States airspace could be at grave security risk from “not knowing” exactly what is in the sky at all times.

Evan likewise explained that the definition for “unidentified aerial phenomena” has been expanded to also include unidentified “anomalous” phenomena. This, Evans explained, was decided so that NASA can also have study terms for “mysterious” encounters with phenomena in the ocean and the outer reaches of the Earth’s solar system, known to scientists as “near space.”

Media reports also explained that concerns about unidentified objects in our skies have gone all the way to the Senate as security concerns have increased. Reportedly, the government’s interest in flying phenomena increased after a Chinese surveillance balloon craft was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean earlier this year. The craft was “taller” than the Statue of Liberty and carried surveillance equipment which was estimated as the size of “two or three” school buses.

As the research panel’s process gets underway, NASA has opened up a line for members of the general public to post comments to the agency.

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