Nancy Pelosi Slams GOP With Outrageous Comments

Nancy Pelosi Hits GOP With Outrageous Comments

( – When it comes to attacking political opponents, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has no shortage of experience. She targeted Donald Trump mercilessly during his tenure, even orchestrating both of the failed impeachments against him.

Now that Trump has left office, she seems to have set her sights on GOP representatives in general. On Tuesday, March 9, Pelosi remarked during a press conference that the Republican House members would take credit for the stimulus bill even though they voted against it.

Pelosi alleged Republicans would “show up at… presentations” related to the new legislation despite having opposed it, and “take some credit for it in their districts.” The GOP made attempts to discuss moderations to the bill’s proposed spending; their attempts at compromise were largely disregarded by Democrats.

The House passed the relief package on a vote of 220-211; not one Republican voted in favor of it. President Biden signed it into law on Thursday.

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