Nancy Pelosi Extends House Proxy Voting Until November 16

Nancy Pelosi Extends House Proxy Voting Until November 16

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced an extension of the rules in relation to proxy voting on Wednesday, September 30. These measures, which aim to combat the spread of coronavirus, allow members of the House of Representatives to nominate another member to cast votes for them instead of being personally present.

They’ve been in place since May, but the rules will now continue until at least November 16. This marks a considerable change in normal practice in the House. For 231 years before 2020, a representative always had to be in the House to cast a vote. A proxy voter can cast ballots for as many as 10 absentee House members.

These measures have not been met with universal approval. Some have accused Pelosi of using the situation to grab power. Others have noted that it weakens the connection between voters and their representation in government. Tim Burchett (R-TN) argued via Twitter that the current situation favors Democrats politically, allowing them to spend time campaigning while Republicans travel to the Capitol to cast their votes.

No one can say for sure what Pelosi’s motivations were in extending this measure. However, we should all be aware of the constitutional implications of her actions. No individual should have the power to change important procedural rules as they see fit, regardless of the public health situation.

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