Music Icon’s Daughter Calls Out Gavin Newsom

( – Award-winning musician David Foster’s daughters were born and grew up in California, meaning they’ve been witness to how the state has changed through the years. To be blunt – they’re not happy about it.

Speaking on their podcast, “The World’s First Podcast,” Sara Foster called the California Governor Gavin Newsom “the worst,” and her sister Erin, agreed. “I hate him,” she said.

The sisters clarified that they have nothing against Newsom personally, and said that he’s likely a “perfectly nice person,” but Sara said that her criticism of the governor is not about him as a “friend” but rather about his policies.

“You are running the state and your policies are whack,” Sara said. “It’s really ****** up what’s happening here,” she added.

Sara, 41, says she is a registered Democrat, but has long bemoaned the way many left-leaning politicians have been running the state. “I have a lot of complaints about the city we live in and the state we live in,” she said.

Earlier in the year, she called San Francisco a “complete ****hole” following the violent murder of CashApp founder Bob Lee, who was stabbed to death in San Francisco’s Rincon Hill area. Lee was able to call 911 for help, but eventually succumbed to his injuries. Another tech entrepreneur, 38-year-old Nima Momeni, is accused of the crime, but has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

“Is the goal to be a socialist state?” Sara asked of what Newsom was trying to accomplish with his policies, expressing concern that the governor’s administration would to make California like Venezuela, which has been suffering from an economic crisis for many years, along with other problems. The supposed decline of California is ostensibly the reason why Erin moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

Sara clarified that she will remain a Democrat, as she supports issues like “gun control, and women’s rights, and education, and LGBTQ rights and all those things.” However, Sara says that she is “very upset” with the Democratic Party, whose “uber-left, liberal politicians” are “ruining big cities,” she added.

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