Murder WITNESS Reveals One Detail He Missed!

Reporter Shocks World With Story of Mother's Murder

Author Shocks World With Story of Mother’s Murder

( – Todd Boczkowski was just five years of age when his mother died in seemingly tragic circumstances. He initially learned, as his father Tim reported to police, that she had slipped in the bath. Years later, his father’s second wife would die in similar circumstances in a hot tub. On that occasion, however, police rejected Tim Boczkowski’s version of events and charged him with murder. Boczkowski would end up with a life prison sentence for the murder of both his wives.

The Story of the Boczkowskis

Todd Boczkowski, now in his thirties, shared his recollection of these events with Newsweek for a special report by the outlet. He related that his memory of the death of his mother was very slight, but that he did recall learning his parents intended to get divorced shortly before it happened.

After this initial death, the family moved to Pittsburgh, and the father, Tim Boczkowski, began dating a woman named Maryann. They got married, and their family life was apparently happy and peaceful for a time. However, in November 1994, Maryann died in the family hot tub. Though Tim Boczkowski claimed she was drunk at the time and died of asphyxiation, police determined she had been the victim of an attack. They charged Tim Boczkowski and took him into custody shortly after his wife’s death.

Todd Boczkowski stressed that there was no sign of violence, or even of disharmony, from his family life prior to his mother’s death. He told Newsweek he had a “regular upbringing” during which he had good relationships with both of his parents, and later his stepmother.

Later Years

When Todd Boczkowski turned 18, he decided he was going to enter the military, and enlisted with the Air Force as a military police officer. Prior to this, he said he had doubts about whether his father could truly have murdered two women. However, he said the opportunities he had to be alone during his time in the military police made him realize his father’s version of events did not add up.

The younger Boczkowski visited his father in prison in 2005 and came to the realization his father had been “manipulating” him into believing lies for years. After subsequent visits, Tim Boczkowski eventually relented and told his son Todd he had, in fact, murdered both his wives.

Todd Boczkowski later realized he had actually witnessed his father committing the first murder, and even reported seeing it to a neighbor. To this day, he says he has no recollection of this, and has speculated he may have subconsciously buried the traumatic memory.

Tim Boczkowski was initially sentenced to death after his second murder conviction. However, because of a procedural issue, the sentence was later changed to life imprisonment.

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