MTG To Force Biden Impeachment Vote

( – Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has had enough when it comes to waiting on her Republican colleagues to move forward with the impeachment of President Biden, announcing that she will be introducing a privileged resolution to force a vote on her articles of impeachment. This move will skip the normal process of an impeachment inquiry, as Greene told Breitbart News that two members of the committee do not want to impeach the president. She had no qualms about naming names, identifying Representatives Ken Buck, R-Colo., and Tom McClintock, R-Calif., as the culprits.

Rep. Greene expressed her frustrations about the fact that some Republicans seem to have little interest in the matter, stating “what fools Republicans look like” for not moving to impeach, adding that “Joe Biden is a criminal.” She went on to list the various reasons why they should be expeditiously voting on the matter, including the evidence of a $10 million bribe that was revealed in the FD-1023 form the Oversight Committee recently viewed, as well as the trove of bank records that show the movement of money through various shell companies to members of the Biden family.

Rep. Greene blasted her colleagues for being unwilling or unable to start the process, revealing that she confronted all of them about their inaction, making known her disagreement with their stance. She spoke about her relationship with Speaker McCarthy and the respect she holds for him, noting that she will be having discussions with him before she moves forward with the resolution. She also stated that she plans to have it ready to vote on before Congress breaks for the 4th of July, but it could be stalled until after they return if the text is not ready. Representative Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., recently threatened to force a vote to impeach in the same way Greene is promising to do, but she altered the language of her resolution after meeting with Speaker McCarthy, opting to force a vote on sending her articles of impeachment to the House Homeland Security Committee and the Judiciary Committee. Her resolution passed along party lines on June 22.

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